It is a site with a few static pages, photos block on frontpage and very unusual gallery - photo and video in it should be stored not only on a local server, but also at a remote server; but for user who viewing the gallery should be no difference betweeen local or remote files.
Site-portal for readers (mostly women) of magazines "Mom, it's me!" and "Waiting for the baby." Many services, many different blocks, behaviors, layouts, complex voting etc.
Site of a quite popular reporter from Las Vegas, who writes about everything associated with motocross, motorcycles and relevant.
Online shop of gifts, with complex system of categorization of goods, interesting and challenging design, advanced searching and ability to import goods from csv.
Site of one company from USA which engaged in the analysis and audit of websites. Has outstanding contemporary design and creative approach to its content.

I love to create sites on drupal. Doing my job great i make the world a little better. My professionalism guarantees comfortable life for me and excelent sites and absence troubles for my clients. Russia always was famous as supplier of high-quality engineer's brains, and i'm - one of them.

I love to create. And for drupal modules it's mean i will help not only my client, but many people all around the world. It is also guarantees the quality - you can't write a bad code for modules in drupal's community, so they will have long life and good support.

Aside of creating sites and modules i also try to fix my professional expirience in drupal articles, so other programmers didn't need to solve such problems again and didn't waste their time. Similar blogs are helped me in past, i thank the universe accordingly.


I'm a drupal developer and i love to make sites and modules.

Skills, obtained for more then 5 years drupal expirience:
- Strong knowledge of Drupal API, ability to create good drupal modules;
- I have worked with numerous contributed drupal modules;
- I know very good PHP и MySql. I have experience of constructing complex sql queries;
- Good theming skills, experience of adaptive cross-browser valid layouts;
- Good knowledge in html, css, js, jQuery, jQuery plugins;
- Expirienced linux user, strong with server-side enviroment;
- Familiar with version control system – Git;
- Also I know about OOP, patterns, refactoring, basics of extreme programming, C#, SqlServer, ASP.NET.

My actual Curriculum Vitae you can download here: .pdf .doc

My principles

- Full responsibility for my words and deeds;
- Complete transparency with my clients;
- Keeping in touch, I will answer at least a few words, even if i busy;
- I'm value my time and time of my clients;
- Constantly improving, learning new technologies;
- First i'm doing good to others, and then i hope they will respond similarly to me.


E-mail: nikita.petrov.dr (without spaces)
Skype: nikita_petrov_skype
Phone: +7-9O5-ЗЗ-44-678 (Russia, Volgograd)
Site: contact form